Yodha Movie Review: Is Sidharth Malhotra India’s Next Action Hero? 

Yodha Movie Review: Released on March 15, 2024, “Yodha” is a heart-pounding action thriller that throws us into the world of Arun Katyal, a decorated officer leading the elite Yodha Task Force. The film opens with a tense situation: a hijacked aircraft, and the Yodha team tasked with securing it.

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What follows is a devastating turn of events. The rescue attempt goes wrong, resulting in significant collateral damage. Arun, unfortunately, becomes the scapegoat, stripped of his command, reputation, and even his family.

Years pass, and when a new hijacking throws the nation into chaos, a shocking discovery emerges. Arun is a passenger on the hijacked plane. Is he there by chance, or is there a more sinister motive at play? Is he seeking vengeance for the past that wronged him, or is there a chance for redemption?

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“Yodha” doesn’t hold back on the action. From close-quarter combat to high-altitude stunts, the film delivers a thrilling cinematic experience. The fight choreography is sharp, and the camerawork keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the action sequences.

While the action is undeniably impressive, the film’s true strength lies in its exploration of a soldier’s struggle. Sidharth Malhotra delivers a powerful performance as Arun, portraying a man grappling with loss, a thirst for justice, and the unwavering spirit of a soldier.

Is Yodha Worth Watching? My Verdict

Absolutely. “Yodha” is a well-crafted action thriller with a compelling central character. The high-octane sequences are a visual treat, and the underlying themes of sacrifice, loyalty, and the burden of command add depth to the narrative. However, the film might feel predictable for viewers accustomed to the action genre.

Final Thoughts: Soldier’s Spirit

“Yodha” is more than just an action spectacle. It’s a story about a soldier’s unwavering spirit, the weight of responsibility, and the complexities of seeking justice. The film leaves you pondering the line between vengeance and redemption, making it a thought-provoking watch.


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