Married after 10 years, the groom made such a video on the first night that it went viral

There have been many instances where people often can’t forget their first love, as it usually resides in their hearts forever. Here is such an instance wherein a couple married 10 years later and made Viral their wedding night video on social media.

This video is quite bold; it can be seen in it that the bridegroom and bride kiss each other while having romantic moments together. After the video went viral, different people reacted to it variously. Some subjects of this video criticized it whereas some called it a declaration of love.

What’s in the Instagram Viral Video?

Credit : Instagram

In the video, the bride and groom can be seen alone in a room. The groom kisses her and holds her tight.” She too answers back to his love. Both are also seen having several romantic moments with each other in the video.

What happened after the video went viral?

After the video went viral, people had different reactions to it. Some people criticized this video. They claim that this video is too bold and should not have been shared on social media. Some of them say that this video is part of the private life of the bride and groom and it should not be made public.

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On the other hand, some people have called this video a declaration of love. They say that the bride and groom are deeply in love with each other and this video is a symbol of their love.

What did the bridegroom say?

The bridegroom has not yet responded to it ever since the video went viral. It is unclear whether he intentionally posted the video or it got viral by mistake. However, those videos have garnered more than 4 million views each with over 250 thousand likes


This story is an unusual one that raises several questions about love and private lives. This story makes us think about whether we should share our personal lives on social media or not.


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