Extra Ordinary Man

Extra Ordinary Man: Budget, Box Office Performance (Day 1), and Analysis

“Extra Ordinary Man” released on December 8th, 2023. It’s a Telugu action-drama-thriller directed by Vakkantham Vamsi. The film stars Nithiin, Sreeleela, Pavitra Lokesh, Rao Ramesh, Sudev Nair, and Dr. Rajasekhar. While the film generated some pre-release buzz due to Nithiin’s presence, its overall performance fell short of expectations. In this article we explores the film’s budget and discusses day 1 box office performance.

Extra Ordinary Man Highlights

Movie Name Extra Ordinary Man
Budget₹45 Crore (Estimated)
Release DateDecember 8th, 2023 (Friday)
Opening Day (India Net)₹2.5 Crore
Opening Day (India Gross)₹3.0 Crore
Opening Day Occupancy (Telugu)25.51%

Extra Ordinary Man Budget

While the official budget figures haven’t been publicly disclosed by the production companies (Shresht Movies, Aditya Productions & Entertainment, and Ruchira Entertainment), industry estimates suggest the film was made on a budget of approximately ₹45 Crore (approximately $5.4 million USD based on the exchange rate at the time of release). This budget falls within the mid-range for Telugu cinema, which can vary greatly depending on star power, the scale of production, and the director’s reputation.

Box Office Performance (Day 1)

“Extra Ordinary Man” opened on a Friday, a common strategy for Telugu releases aiming to capitalize on weekend footfall. Here’s a breakdown of its day 1 performance:

  • India Net Collection: ₹2.5 Crore (approximately $3 million USD)
  • India Gross Collection: ₹3 Crore (approximately $3.6 million USD) (Includes taxes)
  • Overseas Collection: ₹0.5 Crore (approximately $0.6 million USD) (Estimated)
  • Occupancy: 25.51% (Telugu states)

While the exact number of tickets sold is unavailable, a rough estimate based on average ticket prices in December 2023 suggests the film sold around 2.75 lakh (275,000) tickets in India on its opening day. This translates to an average earning per ticket of around ₹91 (approximately $1.10 USD).

Performance Over Subsequent Days and Verdict

“Extra Ordinary Man” witnessed a significant drop in collections over the following days. It ended its first week with a total collection of around ₹7.9 Crore (approximately $9.5 million USD) and continued to decline further in the second week. The film bombed at the box office, unable to recoup its production costs throughout its entire theatrical run.


Q: What was the official budget of “Extra Ordinary Man?”

A: The producers haven’t officially disclosed the budget, but industry estimates suggest it’s around ₹45 crore.

Q: How much did “Extra Ordinary Man” earn on its opening day?

A: The film earned an estimated net collection of ₹2.5 crore in India on its opening day.

Q: Was “Extra Ordinary Man” a box office success?

A: No, The film “Extra Ordinary Man” considered a box office disaster as its total estimated earnings fell significantly short of its production budget.


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