a) At Live Bharat Tak, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of accuracy and integrity in all our content. We rigorously investigate claims, challenge assumptions, and approach information with a critical eye to ensure factual accuracy.

b) Our commitment to accuracy is foundational to our credibility and the trust of our audience. We aim for due accuracy, considering the subject matter and nature of the content, while acknowledging any limitations that might impact achieving absolute precision.

c) All our content is meticulously researched, relying on credible sources and available evidence. We prioritize transparency, openly admitting gaps in knowledge and steering clear of baseless speculation.

d) Our journalists strictly refrain from deliberate plagiarism or distortion of facts, including any manipulation of visual information knowingly.

e) We prioritize independent verification of claims, especially those made by public figures or entities with vested interests. Unverifiable information is attributed accordingly to maintain transparency.

f) Live Bharat Tak stands by the accuracy of the information it publishes. Should any factual inaccuracies be identified, we promptly rectify the information and maintain transparency about the correction process. We take responsibility for and address serious factual errors with clarity and immediacy.

Our Correction Process

While we strive for accuracy, we acknowledge the possibility of occasional errors. When errors occur, we are committed to rectifying them promptly and transparently. Here’s how we ensure accuracy and transparency:

For Readers: If you spot an error, please contact our Editor-in-Chief, [Uday Kumar], directly through email at admin@livebharattak.com with the subject line “Correction Needed”.

Your correction submission should include:

  • Description of the error
  • Date or issue number where the error occurred
  • Source for the correct information, if available

You can expect acknowledgement of your submission and, if necessary, further communication for clarification.

For Live Bharat Tak: Upon receiving a correction request, our Editor-in-Chief will thoroughly investigate using available information and sources.

If an error is confirmed, we will:

  • Issue a correction prominently in all relevant mediums:
    • Print: Corrections will be published prominently in the next available issue.
    • Website: The article will be updated with a clear editor’s note acknowledging the error and correction.
    • Social Media: Corrections will be posted on platforms where the incorrect information was shared, linking to the updated content.
  • Inform the reader who submitted the correction about the steps taken to rectify the error.

We value accuracy and transparency, striving to maintain the highest standards of factual integrity.